Data, data, everywhere and not the time to think.

May 23, 2018
Our transactions, communications and content consumption grow and grow each year all adding to the deluge of data that we generate across the internet and increasingly on our mobile phones.

Global Internet traffic is expected to more than double in just 4 years from 122,000 petabytes per month in 2017 to 278,000 petabytes per month in 2021. Exactly how big is a petabyte? It's pretty mindblowing, 1PB would be equivalent to 1.5 million CD Roms full of data or to put another way 3.4 years of continuous 24/7 HD recorded video. Source: Statista

Mobiles are also showing vast changes for its data consumption with content taking the greatest share of our usage. Video is expected to grow by five times from 2017 to 2021 and audio streaming up to three times the size in 2021 than it was in 2017. Source: Statista

Again these volumes are huge a single Terabyte is equivalent to 1,500 CD-ROM discs worth of data.

All this vast data we generate is fantastic for media providers, marketers and content owners/producers to pour over and learn from but certainly not to be taken on its own merit without looking to how the data is made and by whom and beyond that the context behind it all. 

Incapsula published in 2016 a four year study of web traffic and bots commanded over half of online traffic share and were ahead of humans in all but one of the years of the study. Since then we have seen even more bots being part of lives on our social channels. Source: Statista

So for all us involved in selling a product, service or sharing content its even more important to get behind the stories of the humans who generate this data. At the All Ears Group we can help you in a multitude of ways to make sense of the data and to also bring the human being back into focus.

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